For almost 30 years Deco S.p.A. has been operating in the environmental sector with professionalism and expertise.

    Founded in 1989 by the Di Zio industrial group from Abruzzo – leader in the field of wine-making, food as well as chemical plant building – Deco S.p.A. in a short space of time has become a major group of the waste sector, both in Italy and abroad


DECO S.p.A manages activities and supplies services according to quality criteria, environmental protection, respect for health, worker safety and human rights.
In order to achieve the goals of ensuring continuity, reliability and expansion of the services provided, seeking the Customer’s full satisfaction, as well as the enhancement of its environmental, ethical and security levels, DECO SpA adopts an Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility based on the following fundamental elements:
  • the pursuit of Customer Satisfaction and ascertainment of approval ratings for the products/services offered.
  • the efficiency of the Company’s management system and relating proceedings, ensuring full compliance with the applicable regulatory and contractual requirements and constant monitoring of the service provision phases.
  • the commitment to comply with the applicable regulation, in order to guarantee high quality of the services provided, ensuring the highest standards of plant and employee safety, as well as the workers’ rights and environmental safeguards.
  • the implementation of the organizational model, the ex Legislative Decree 231/2001 referring to the management and control of sensitive activities and the prevention of illicit actions, set out in the relevant legislation so as to avoid criminal acts to be committed directly by the company.
  • minimization of environmental impacts associated with activities in terms of reducing land and energy utilization, both through proper resource management and through the use of the best available technologies.
  • reduction of risks to the health and safety of the personnel through development and implementation of appropriate training programs, work instructions and appropriate operational measures and their organization.
  • the ban on child labour and forced or compulsory labour.
  • no discrimination in any form against personnel.
  • the guarantee of the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • dignified and respectful management of the whole staff.
  • the guarantee of respecting working hours established by the laws and industry standards.
  • the guarantee of staff remuneration meeting the provisions of the CCNL (National Labour Contract).
  • the research for a continuous improvement of the Company’s management system and its services through definition and implementation of specific objectives and programs, as well as through technological innovation and the technical development of the Company’s resources.
  • involvement and awareness-raising of all the staff through training and information meetings to ensure a constant increase in consciousness, responsibility, each employee’s participation and maximum performance of the Company’s business functions.
  • allocation of resources, means and skills being appropriate to effective and efficient functioning of the Business Management and Control System.
  • the Company’s communicating inwardly and outwardly the Corporate Policy on Quality, Environment, Security, Social Responsibility through a close dialogue with the interested parties (customers, employees, authorities, suppliers, control bodies, etc.).
  • the Company’s commitment to Green Purchases, with the aim of reducing the consumption of resources, polluting emissions and environmental costs, of supporting environmental risk prevention and of promoting the adoption of sustainable consumption styles inside and outside the company.