An Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety and Social Responsibility Management System: this is what Deco has implemented through the application of a Continuous Improvement Program aimed at customer satisfaction, enhancement of the environmental performance and security and respect of human rights.
The Integrated Quality, Environmental, Safety and Social Responsibility Management System, based on the Corporate Policy, defines and maintains a Continuous Improvement Program focused on customer satisfaction,  on the growth in environmental performance, as well as on safety and the respect for human rights. The instruments for such improvement are measurement/monitoring activities and the definition and use of performance indicators.

The System has been designed to optimize processes, streamlining their documentation and defining common goals. The integrated approach allows a unified view of the corporate system, a better management of data and the Optimization of corporate resources.

For these purposes, Deco S.p.A has implemented its own management system in order to:

  • Demonstrate the Company’s ability to regularly provide services that meet customer      requirements;
  • Maintain high standards of environmental performance;
  • Observe all applicable binding requirements;
  • Increase Customer satisfaction and environmental performance through effective system application, continuous improvement process, and Compliance Assurance with the specified requirements;
  • Ensure worker safety and health by controlling risks and improving performance in this area;
  • Protect workers’ rights.