Mission and Value

    Creating shared value is our value


We put our competences to the environment and people’s service. Being aware of the role we have assumed establishing the DECO S.p.A, we believe in the ethical and social responsibility of our idea of business, our duty to contribute to the well-being of our employees, ensuring growth opportunities to the local communities and enterprise profitability to our stakeholders. In this way, our stakeholders can contribute to a further development of the territorial economy, both in Italy and abroad. We have acquired a higher professionalism throughout the years and our growth has been possible thanks to the relevant numbers of our employees and staff, whose health, safety and human rights are our priority.


Acquiring the customer’s trust is our OBJECTIVE. Taking the responsibility of running our company is our JOB. Offering transparency and integrity of information is our CERTAINTY. Getting the employer involved in what he does, respecting his rights, ensuring him a comfortable and wealthy working environment is our constant ATTENTION. Listening and being able to answer to our counterparties is our CONCERN.