Deco for walfare

    Every initiative of bounties and sponsorship undertaken by Deco S.p.A. is driven by strong humanistic ethics as well as by the desire to improve the conditions of the people involved

Deco S.p.A. is engaged in concrete activities aimed at the improvement of the Society.
The Company is involved in various fields through initiatives of bounties and sponsorship ranging from welfare to health, culture and music.

In addition to carrying out acts of bounty in favour of the Croce Rossa Italiana and the Caritas Shqiptar of the Catholic Church in Albania as well as in favour of the Associazione I Colori della Vita for the social project “Il Sorriso nel Cuore”, Deco contributed (in 2015) to the “Ambiente e Tumori” Conference, a meeting aimed at the investigation of possible correlations between environmental factors and incidence of tumors.

Since 2002 Deco has been sponsoring the FLA-Festival delle Letterature dell’Adriatico promoting new and always current cultural projects.

And again, Deco supports sport: the Polisportiva Amicacci team, the DECO Group Amicacci Giulianova, bears its name and plays in the A series of the Italian Basketball Championship in wheelchair FIPIC.

Deco: not only Environment but also Society, Health, Sport and Culture…