Dialogue with Stakeholders

    Deco S.p.A. is aware that the dialogue and interaction with the stakeholders are essential to match corporate interests with those outside the system.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­To pursue a responsible and sustainable business model, Deco S.p.A. , over time, has significantly increased the engagement with interlocutors represented not only by workers, shareholders, lenders and suppliers but also by local communities close to the Company’s facilities.
Promotion of meeting and dialogue with all the involved parties is also largely demonstrated, among others, by application of the Code of Ethics and the drafting of the Environmental Declaration, which represent only some of  Deco S.p.A.’s efforts and commitment in managing inside and outside the company.
Moments of encounter with Deco S.p.A. staff (e.g. ecological family days) and internal climate surveys, sponsorship of beneficial events, conferences, seminars and workshops, the choice for local suppliers, customer satisfaction analysis, attention towards local communities, etc … represent no less further tools to communicate the acknowledgement by  Deco SpA of the importance of welfare, ethics and the environment.